Bebop Rebuild Complete; FY24 Q4 Allocations Granted

LCRC Users,

We have finished most of the work on our Bebop rebuild and it should now be accessible for users. We have updated the documentation on the LCRC website and separately we created a doc on today’s rebuild. Please read through this doc as it should hopefully answer most of your questions. You will not be able to login properly or may see errors until completing steps in the doc:

The rebuild includes a new Operating System, software tree/modules and a job scheduler switch to PBS as the primary changes. Condo node users will also need to review the linked doc above.

LCRC projects have also been granted allocations for FY24 Quarter 4 (July-September) on Improv, Bebop, and Swing. A reminder that Bebop now uses Node Hours like Improv. We have automatically converted the approved Bebop hours from core-hours to node-hours. Future requests should be in node-hours. Swing remains using GPU hours for now.

If your project requested time and was approved, you can check the project balance by running the following command on any Improv and Bebop login node:

and on Swing login nodes:
lcrc-sbank -q balance

All clusters report balances separate from each other.

Please let us know if you have any questions or questions after reading through our rebuild documentation linked above.

LCRC Support Team