Getting Started on LCRC’s Improv Cluster

LCRC Users,

You can find the presentation materials from the previous LCRC Improv talk here:

June 12, 2024
Speaker: Mark Fahey (CELS)

This presentation will cover several topics that will help new and transitioning users onto Improv – LCRC’s newest cluster. First, the talk will start with an overview of LCRC followed by a description of Improv hardware and specifications. Then ​“modules” are covered since they are the intended way for users to set up their environment. After modules, running PBS jobs is covered in some detail going from fairly simple batch scripts to more advanced topics like packing multiple mpiruns in a job and chaining jobs. Since every user is part of a project allocation, how to check allocations is described especially since that is slightly different from previous LCRC machines. The final topic is a profiling example for those that want to see how it could be done.