LCRC FY24 Quarter 3 Allocations Granted

LCRC projects have been granted allocations for FY24 Quarter 3 (April-June) on Improv, Bebop, and Swing.

If your project requested time and was approved, you can check the project balance by running the following command on any Improv node:

and on Bebop or Swing nodes:
lcrc-sbank -q balance

Note: All clusters report balances separate from each other.
Dedicated condo nodes should continue to use the 'condo' project to submit jobs.

In FY24 Q1 and Q2, LCRC users could run their jobs on Improv with a negative balance. Starting from Q3, projects on Improv with a negative balance greater than 10% of their initial allocation will not run. We will be working on implementing this change today on Improv. If you encounter any errors submitting a job, please try again after a few minutes. 

We have made a note about this Overburn change here:

Users with a negative balance can request additional time which will be granted as per our mid-quarter allocation policy linked below:

The allocation committee meets approximately 10 days before the end of each quarter to decide the time allocations for the next quarter. Large projects (500K and over) that have not used up at least 70% of their time and have not reported their low usage to LCRC at least 30 days before the end of the quarter can have their requested allocation reduced for the next quarter. Depending on the lab-wide allocation time requests, such projects might be granted the same amount of time as their current quarter usage or 50% (or lower) of their requested allocation. Projects with little or no usage (0-10%) of their allotted time in the current quarter can see a more significant reduction in their requested time for the next quarter. Projects with requests between 100 to 500K with low usage (0-10%) at the time of the meeting can also have their requested allocation reduced to 50% (or lower).

For more information on projects and using the allocation tools please refer to the LCRC documentation:

Thank You,
LCRC Support Team