LCRC Improv Cluster Now Available

LCRC Community,

The Improv cluster is now available to all users.

The filesystems are mounted at the same locations as on Bebop and Swing, so no data transfers between the clusters is needed. Accounts are the same on both Bebop and Improv as well. Users who had requested time on Improv at the beginning of FY24 should have allocations to run on Improv. To submit jobs to the Improv queues, please ensure that you are logged into Improv. Jobs submitted on Improv will be run with the PBS scheduler on the compute nodes of Improv, while jobs submitted by users logged into the Bebop and Swing clusters will run with Slurm (as before). Improv and Bebop are separate clusters (like Blues and Bebop), so jobs submitted on one cluster will not be visible on the other.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing us at

LCRC Support Team